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How the trip to India inspired Steve Jobs to build Apple?

by - 14 January

Daniel Kottke had traveled to India with Steve Jobs. He was his college friend and one of the first employees of Apple. I talked to him about his friendship with Jobs and the first days of Apple. Watch part of my interview with him:

How the trip to India influenced Steve Jobs to build Apple?
Well that's a hard question to answer. Maybe nothing, maybe it had nothing to do with Apple. Although we were good friends at college he never talked about technology, like never once. He was a little bit secretive in that way. I didn't find out till many years later that the previous year he had been making Blue Boxes. Do you know what a blue box is - it's a little box that lets you make illegal phone calls.
Whether you go to India or you go to Jerusalem, or you go to Istanbul, travel is a good thing. It's because the world is a very complicated place. My son is 28 and I have told him I will buy your ticket anywhere you want to go - you should travel the world it's a good experience, you'll learn a certain amount of resilience, you'll learn how wonderful people of the world are in different countries.

Read the 1st part of my interview with Daniel Kottke here Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

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