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Richard Branson on how to solve world's biggest problems

by - 27 June

How business could help to address the world's most pressing problems? Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson shared insights on a recent event in Bulgaria. The way to sort out the problems in this world is for every single company to adopt the problem and help governments and help the social sector to get on the top of the problems in this world. Companies have a big advantage over governments and a big advantage over the social sector. Companies have entrepreneurial people working for them. They can look at problems in an entrepreneurial way and they can see an entrepreneurial way of fixing these problems. Small companies can adopt local problems, bigger companies - national problems, much bigger companies - international problems. And if every single company does that, than a) most of the problems in the world will go away and b) the people who work for these company will be incredible proud of the company they work for.

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