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Why human nature is a good mirror of the Universe?

by - 02 February

We, people, could be very bad and amazingly like an angel, we can be like Gods or we can be devilish, we can be very beautiful and we can be very ugly. Because we are a mirror of everything in the Universe, claims the famous choreographer, dancer and dervish Ziya Azazi.
I talked to him recently on what he has learned about human nature.

Human nature is really good mirror of the universe - so what we consider as human - good or bad, is actually quite subjective. Imagine there is another civilization - for example there is one theory that a civilization is living on Mars below the surface and with carbon dioxide. So if you think like that - for them oxygen is danger and for us - carbon dioxide is a danger. As you see bad and good is very subjective. I believe that human as the most complex civilization we know on this world, we experienced hundred thousand of years, so therefore we include in our spirit, in our body, in our mind, every type of energy, every type of thoughts, every type of ideas, so therefore we are a good mirror of everything in reality - so we can be very bad or we can be amazingly like  an angel, we can be like Gods or we can be devilish, we can be very beautiful or we can be very ugly. So because this organism, this mind and this spirit make human human, we experience every type of quality. So therefore we are mirror of everything.

Read the first part of my interview with Ziya Azazy on why life make us mad here

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  1. Sometimes what is good or bad is pretty obvious. Relativity is only for the ones who are looking for excuses :)


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