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Princess Firas: Tourism will continue to grow because it speaks to the human soul

by - 01 December

How do you see the future of global tourism industry when we take into account the existing security threats?
I think tourism is perhaps one of these industries that will continue to grow. It will continue to grow because it speaks to the human soul.  So people will always want to go somewhere, to take their family somewhere,  that people will always want to experience cultures, different heritage.  People want to take a break,  they want to feed their soul, feed their spirit. And so there will always be movement of people and I think the trends and the numbers have shown that despite everything each year there are more tourists and the industry is growing and growing.  Security has become a global problem. It affects all of us and it affects all of us equally. And it is something that I think as a global community we must address. We must look at safety and security not within one's borders only and sort of close ourselves. That will not save us from from potential threat. We need to look at it as a global community and address the root causes of violence everywhere.
But i still believe that people are resilient, people like to explore new places, people look for new experiences all the time.  It's such an important part of the human condition and I think people will always pursue experiences. Which is very good news because tourism create so many jobs. It is such an important part of so many economies. Jordan is one of these countries. For us tourism is more than 11% of our GDP. It is a priority industry in our planning. And so to believe that people will continue to seek these experiences is very important also for countries that depend on tourism as a source of income.

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