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Why is Apple Called Apple: the story behind the most valuable brand

by - 03 June

Daniel Kottke had traveled to India with Jobs. He was his college friend and one of the first employees of Apple. I talked to him about his friendship with Jobs and the first days of Apple. Watch part of my interview with him. 

Where the name "Apple" came from?
Steve and I were both interested in diet and we both became vegetarian at the same time. It was the next year when Steve had left Read College and he was working at Atari he said: "I found this book, it's called "The Mucusless Diet Healing System" by Arnold Ehret. He had also another book called "Rational Fasting". So it was really about fasting and it was about the fruitarian diet. It was just a coincidence that Robert Friedland - the guy that had motivated us to go to India, he owned a hippie commune farm in Oregon which his rich Swiss uncle paid for. And he called it "All One Farm". Steve and I went there as an adventure but at the time we went - we went there the next year in 1975, and at the time it happened to be the apple harvest and there were lots and lots of apple trees. So he put us to work - harvesting the apples, and actually when you're harvesting apples there's a lot of apples that are half rotten, they have worms in them but the other half is good. So we were eating lots of half good apples. And we thought: oh, let's just do our experiment, let's just eat nothing but apples for a week. It's not really a good diet however it is a cleansing diet. That's where the Apple, that's where the name came from.

Why Steve Jobs visited India - read here, and how this trip inspired Jobs to build Apple, read here:

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