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We feel more connected to things and technology than to people

by - 08 July

George Kohlrieser is Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at IMD. According to Kohlrieser, “a secure base is a person, place, goal or object that provides a sense of protection, gives a sense of comfort, and offers a source of energy and inspiration to explore, take risks and seek change".

In this talk we discussed if we as humans are losing our secure bases more often in today's tech world.
Very sadly we are more connected to things and technology. And in fact the technology becomes a secure base. The iPhone, the iPads, etc. are the secure base more than human beings. So we all as parents have to start teaching our children how to bond to people. As leaders we're facing more and more a younger generation that doesn't necessarily have the skills of emotional intelligence - how to connect with people, how to be able to handle grief and emotions. So we were challenged in today's society with a changing climate of more technology, more detachment, more disconnection. You can be on Facebook and have 60,000 friends but not know how to talk to one person.

Part of our talk with George Kohlrieser on Why you could be a hostage without a weapon, You could read here, and on Why secure bases are fundamental for success, You could find here

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