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This is how you can control your ego

by - 31 July

Image by Irina Kuzmina from Pixabay
Shaolin master Shi Heng Yi on how to learn to let go of the ego and enjoy life.
"There is something that we are referring to as ego. And it is exactly this ego which normally doesn't want to lose if he has something. It is this ego who is the one who wants to achieve the things because he likes success. And in this discussion there was a very nice statement actually - that in the moment when you take over for example really a responsible position, it is very helpful if you are concentrating on your function, and not concentrating on your ego,on what your ego wants. And in the moment where you are not listening to your inner voices but your guidelines are three things: everything what you think, everything what you say, and everything that you do. These are the three aspects that are shaping your life. And the Shaolin principle is very easy: whatever you think, whatever you say, and whatever you do, do wholesome things. So whatever your inner voice is telling you, just control it - what I am thinking at the moment about my colleague, is it wholesome or is it unwholesome? What I am saying now to my colleague, is it wholesome or unwholesome? Do the wholesome and whatever action you are doing, it's the same. And these are very easy guidelines. Because we say "What you seed, is what you get". And by seeding a lot of wholesome things, chances are high wholesome things will come".

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