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Ancient wisdom for modern business leaders

by - 01 August

How the principles of Shaolin could be applied into the business world?
Shaolin master Shi HengYi on how a philosophy that is more than 1,500 years old can help you build a sustainable business. Part of our talk some years ago.

"In Shaolin we say "You as a whole body can only be healthy if all aspects that you're consisting of are also healthy. So the human being - the body must be healthy, which means the organs must be healthy. Your bones, your muscles, your attendance, all body liquids, everything must be healthy. Than also your mind must be healthy, your emotions must be healthy.
So we start by separating the body in all small aspects where we say: OK, the organs need training. The knees need training. And the more clear you see what is your body consisting of, the better you can make the training.
If you look at the organisation, you see there is department A, department B, department C. In every department you've again employees who are making the department. You have teams below it. And the main idea is that a successful business can only be really sustainable if everybody who is involved inside this business is also successful. That means you cannot run a successful business on exploiting the employees. It's not gonna work like this.You cannot have a healthy body, when you only stress the body".

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