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The Secret of Steve Jobs's Success

by - 13 May

What's behind the remarkable success of Steve Jobs? Daniel Kottke traveled to India with Jobs. He was his college friend and one of the first employees of Apple. Watch what he shared about the secret of success of Steve Jobs:
Did you see a personality trait in Steve Jobs that could make him so successful, an icon of our time? 
My friendship with Steve was about spiritual books. It was about Zen meditation and miracle stories of gurus. What I didn't see in Steve is that he was secretly very ambitious. I never saw that. When Apple first started, Steve and I and Steve's girlfriend Chrisann all lived in a house together. And Chrisann wanted to get back together because Steve was her high-school boyfriend but  Steve was not interested anymore in her particularly, because he was busy being a successful entrepreneur. But Chrisann told me once that in high school Steve had told her that he was going to be rich and famous. I said: "What? Are you kidding?"I didn't even believe it. It was a very surprising thing to hear because the majority of the topics that Steve and I talked about had to do with not having an ego, and not being attached to material things, and not being attached to success.
And of course in both Hinduism and Buddhism there's a big theme that you have to let go of all your attachments to have spiritual growth. And what you have to say is Steve was very attached to being successful.
What he did say is that when he had found out that he was adopted it was a big issue for him emotionally. If you read the biography of Steve Jobs there was a time when he was in third grade or second grade when he told the girl next door that he was adopted and she said: "Oh, that means your parents didn't love you". I know Steve's adopted parents. They were very warm, kind people. It's not true he didn't have a loving family. But because of that he had a feeling that he had to prove himself to the world, because he was given up for adoption. And that was a big psychological issue for him. I think that's what made him so ambitious.

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