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Chris Hadfield: Don't let fear dictate your life

by - 08 March

The world's most famous astronaut Chris Hadfield on how fear of failure affects our life

What would you tell to people who easily give up on their dreams because of fear of failure?Fear is natural and fear protects you. But a lot of fear is just chemical, it's just your body reacting like it has reacted for a million years. Some things you should be afraid of. For example in case of an   immediate threat to your life. But often we decide to not do things in our life because we have sort of fear of it and it denies us an enormous portion of life. It's easier to just say "Oh, I could never do that because I'm afraid". Well this way you're closing an entire door of opportunity. "I could never do that because I'm afraid". Why are you really afraid? What's the actual danger? What's the real thing that you're afraid of and and how is that affecting your opportunities in life? I think it's worth looking and thinking about it. What am I truly afraid of ? What is the real danger that's going to affect me by not doing that thing? It could be a relationship or changing jobs, or studying, or learning to drive. By not doing that what am I not allowing myself to do? And then make the decision on purpose. Don't just let fear dictate your life.

*Excerpt from my interview with Chris Hadfield – First Canadian Astronaut to walk in space. Read more how the life on Earth looks like from the space here, on the beauty of a spacewalk here and on the on the difference between fear and danger here

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