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Video Portraits: Ogi: Love is Something Inside You

by - 27 March

The Video Portraits Project is something I work on lately. I've filmed different people - friends or complete strangers, men and women, people from the USA, Brazil, Spain, Bulgaria. People of various age groups.
The aim is to be able to step back for a while and think about the really important things in your life. To celebrate your progress till now and to become aware of the path you want to follow in the next few years. To see yourself trough a different perspective - that of a stranger. But most of all the aims is to celebrate life. To celebrate human stories. To celebrate our shared stories.

The first video portrait I want to present you now is the portrait of Ogi - one of the wisest young men I know. He is an extraordinary young guy I met during a yoga retreat near Sofia. He questions everything in life. He doesn't settle with the widely known truths before he convinced himself alone in their truthfulness.
Because he was busy with helping the organizers I was about to miss him - a big mistake and a big lesson for me: to be always open to people because everyone has a story worth hearing.

Watch the video with Ogi here:

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