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Shaolin Wisdom: How self-observation can prevent you from making mistakes?

by - 01 March

Life wisdom from Shaolin. Watch an excerpt from my talk with Shi Heng Yi and Shi Heng Zong from the Shaolin Temple Europe located in Otterberg (Kaiserslautern) / Germany. 

How useful is the self-observation as a toll for personal growth?
Definitely the ability to sometimes step aside and watch yourself before you say something, before you act in a way, can prevent you from making mistakes. The ability to step away from the emotion, to step aside and observe yourself, so you can go into a position of observing yourself. The observer can still take a decision if you like the movie or not. But if you're going to act inside the movie, you   cannot decide anymore, cause then somebody's already telling: Now it's time to be angry!

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