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The Italian recipe for happiness

by - 29 July

What is the Italian recipe for happiness of H.E. Stefano Baldi, Ambassador of Italy to Bulgaria? 
"Noticing what you have - and learning to appreciate it - is the first step towards being happy", says the Italian ambassador to Bulgaria in his TEDx talk.
In the next video (part of our interview) H.E. Stefano Baldi explains why it's important to be grateful for what you have and how this contributes for your happiness. 

"The point is to find a balance of all this for your life and as I said enjoy. What do I mean to enjoy? I think it's the element of gratitude - if you really are capable of understanding the positive that you have around you on top of a lot of negative things of course, you can really feel better and be happier. The final line of the TEDx talk is "Count your blessings" which i think it's not a recipe but that is something that can help you out for for finding happiness".

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