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TED founder Richard Wurman on what makes a good question*

by - 29 January

Credit Ms Natsuko Utsumi
"A good question has the answer. So you're in a business where it's very difficult, because you almost have to have the answer bounded in your head before you ask the question. Good question is not a question like: "How's it going?", How are you feeling?". These are non questions, there is no quest. Because you don't care about the answer. So think about that in your work, think about the quest when you are asking a question. And think about the answer, not just being information, but that part of the word "information" that's the word inform, that you actually are informed by the answer to your quest, the informed quest".

 *Excerpt from my talk with TED founder Richard Saul Wurman. Read and watch more about the secret of TED success here, about the importance of curiosity in life here, about what makes a day interesting here and why we need a Minister of Understanding here

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