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TED founder on the difference between learning and education*

by - 30 January

Credit Ms Natsuko Utsumi
"Learning is remembering what you're interested in. It's a revolutionary statement because no curriculum in the world is set up that way. You don't have the choice of studying what you're interested in. It's a subversive statement that is perhaps true but it would change all educational systems. I don't believe in education. I believe in learning. There's a fundamental difference. Education is from the top down, it's creating a system. And learning comes from the bottom up, from people's curiosity".

*Excerpt from my talk with TED founder Richard Saul Wurman. Read and watch more about the secret of TED success here, about the importance of curiosity in life here, about what makes a day interesting here, why we need a Minister of Understanding here and what makes a good question here

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