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Shaolin Wisdom: Don't live in extremes! Find the balance between them!

by - 22 January

Life wisdom from Shaolin. Watch an excerpt from my talk with Shi Heng Yi and Shi Heng Zong from the Shaolin Temple Europe located in Otterberg (Kaiserslautern) / Germany. 

 Is it possible that I feel good all the time? If everything is changing then how I could manage to keep this state?
The way how you define good is maybe different than how I define it. Because if you say good is this one and bad is this one, then I tell you it's not possible to only stay here. So it's not feeling good, it's I'm feeling in peace, I'm feeling balanced.
It becomes a problem if you have for too long been on the stress. It's not natural. As it is not natural if you are for too long time relaxing, if you only sleep the whole day.
It's not the natural way as long as life is always changing.
In Buddhism they say you should follow the middle way.  So don't live in extremes! The middle way is not going in between the extremes. The middle way is the way which is embracing both of the extremes.

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