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TED founder Richard Wurman on what makes a day interesting*

by - 25 January

"I learned so much from people smarter than me and I try to be in the presence of people who are more talented, who are smarter and who answer some of the endless questions and curiosities that i have about the world. I talk and surround myself with the people who I can learn from. It's my ignorance that I try to fill so my task every day is to fill up a little bit of this empty bucket. That's all I try to do - to have an interesting day. But my definition of interesting is rather elaborate. Interesting does not have to be a successful day. Interesting has to be something that moves the needle a little different in my diet. Moves it closer to understanding something. And sometimes you understand things by failing. So it's not happiness that makes it interesting. Most people try to act like they understand something. Most people sell their intelligence and most people sell their expertise. I sell my ignorance. I am a blank slate and I try to find a path to answer some of my questions and when I get them answered to the extent that relaxes me, I go to another subject".  

*Excerpt from my talk with TED founder Richard Saul Wurman. 
Read and watch more about the secret of TED success here, about the importance of curiosity in life here

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