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What is easier - to love or to hate?

by - 16 August

Part of my interview with Christian Picciolini - former white supremacist skinhead on why it easier to hate than to love. Picciolini is an award-winning television producer, a public speaker, author, peace advocate.
What is easier to love or to hate? And how long is the road between love and hate and back?
I would say it's easier to hate than it is to love because with love you risk losing something which is why a lot of people who are scared to love, because maybe they've lost something or maybe because something was taken away from them, it's easy for them to go down the road of hate because it takes the pain off of them and it puts it on somebody else and makes them the object of their hate.
The road from love to hate or hate to love - it is a very thin line, it's very easy to jump from one to the other if you're not careful. Because we're not used to treating people with compassion or used to taking care of ourselves. But we have to learn to walk a mile in somebody else's shoes to feel their pain from our perspective because until we do that we'll never feel whole ourselves. Because if nobody's happy then I'm not happy. And we all work on the same team all across the world - what happens in the United States affects what happens in Bulgaria. What happens in Bulgaria affects what is happening in Chicago where I live. And it's very important that we keep that in mind knowing that we're culturally different but we have more similarities than differences.

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