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Steve Jobs: From A Dreamer to A Dictator

by - 09 May

The Evolution of Steve Jobs: From a Dreamer to a Dictator 

Daniel Kottke, who traveled to India with Jobs, was his college friend and one of the first employees of Apple, shares his view on the transformation of Steve Jobs.

He wasn't like that when we were traveling in India. He was fine. I never had a problem with him. Never.

How do you explain the change in him then?

Because running a company is very complicated and Steve was quite young when Apple started - he was 21 years old. He had no experience. the computer industry was dominated by much older people, with much more experience. And he was competing against them. And so Steve was under a lot of pressure to stay on top of his own company. You have to be a little bit ruthless to stay on top.
Steve had a very large amount of influence at Apple because he owned more shares than anyone else. So that's what helped him become a little dictator, if you want to use that word. I used the word "dictator" in a good sense. When you're a dictator you can get things done and not having to ask the permission of a committee. He was impatient to be successful. Impatient to make a change in the world.
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