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How Steve Jobs' big secret was accidentally revealed?

by - 06 June

Photograph: Ed Kashi/VII/Redux/Eyevine

What was one of the biggest secrets of Steve Jobs and how it was revealed by accident by Daniel Kottke?
Steve hired me onto the Macintosh project but at that point we weren't living together anymore and not really much spending time together. He was working all the time - like from morning till night: work, work, work. Always having business dinners so I didn't really see him that much anymore.

What happened between the two of you?
The first book about Apple was called "The Little Kingdom" by Michael Moritz. Michael Moritz was a journalist. Now he's a famous venture capitalist. Steve liked him and gave him permission to interview all of us at Apple. What happened is - I didn't know that Steve was denying that he had this baby. Cause we hadn't talked that much and I was a loyal friend I thought. I was trying to be a loyal friend. But when Michael Moritz had the Time magazine reporter on the line and he said: "Oh, Mr. Kottke, I've just one more question for you. Does Steve have a daughter named Lisa?" And I said: "Well, that's not a secret. He never told me it was a secret.

Why didn't he want to admit that he has a daughter?
Who could say. As his friend I thought: "Come on, get a grip!" And because I lived with him and his girlfriend and I thought - well, of course he's the father. There's no one else who could be. What I found out last year is that Steve told his parents that I was probably the father. It was a surprise to me. He couldn't really come to grips. He didn't really want to be in a relationship with Chrisann. He felt she was holding him back in some way and he was busy changing the world. Now you could look at Elon Musk

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